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If you own a Labrador retriever, you would already know that these calm dogs are friendly around children of any age. But did you ever ask why? Other dogs with similar tendencies to grow big prefer adults – so, why are Labradors different and all-encompassing?

Why are Labradors good with children?

labrador with a girl in a field

5 Reasons Why Labradors Are Good With Children

They Can Match Children’s Energy

Labradors (regardless of their age) are active dogs that love to play just as much as your kids. In other words, they are both kindred spirits and love each other’s company.

Unlike you, Labs can run all day long with your children until they both get exhausted. You can even think of these gentle giants as the perfect babysitters. They are ready for games and runs – you name it! But won’t they hurt your kids?

With all their energy it is obvious that they need to rest well. You can have a look at what I think are the best dog beds for Labradors in that article.

They Are Guard For Your Children

Indeed, Labradors can be playful and active all day long. Even at that, they are guard dogs by nature. In other words, they will play with children and as well protect them from harm’s way.

Now you might wonder, how about Labradors’ long, thick tails? Well, Labs don’t swish their tails waywardly around people. They are naturally loyal pets – they won’t do anything to harm you and your kids. Unfortunately, we can’t promise you the same for the inanimate objects on your shelves.

And besides instincts, Labradors have been great companions through the years for law enforcement agents. So, they have earned their reputation as one of the safest dogs to have around humans and other animals.

They Are Tolerant

While it is easy to be active and protective, many dogs the size of Labradors have a limited threshold for patience. Labs, on the other hand, are different breeds. Yes, they have been bred over the years to be friendly. Nonetheless, the manner they accommodate children’s playfulness is incredible.

Your child can walk all over a Labrador – hug it aggressively, or even draw its ears almost to the point of reddening. Even with all that, a Lab will never get angry. Instead, the giant pet is intelligent to avoid provocation and is always ready for another round of play and humor.

Video of Labrador Playing With Kids

They Are Humor Masters

If you fancy playing with children a lot, you’d realize that energy isn’t all that is required to satisfy the tiny humans. Because even when you are tired, kids want more. At that point, you need a good sense of humor.

Fortunately, Labradors understand that too – they can be goofy. Labs are such goofballs that each of their moves can get your kids laughing hard. Yes, the goofiness can be silly and almost bland to an adult. But it gets to children!

labrador winking

They Are Easily Trainable

The ultimate feature that cemented Labradors are children’s favorite is that they are easy to train. In other words, you can train your Labs to adapt to your child’s energy levels. And if your child is bored, you can always train your Lab a new game to change the atmosphere.

In summary, Labradors are good with children because of their activeness and tolerance. More importantly, you can train them to meet the different needs of your family.

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