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Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs

Several dogs might fit the category of the “best dog” to their respective owners. None of them can rival a golden retriever. And mind you: there is no prejudice here, nor do we conclude because we love and own these shiny furries.

It’s just a well-known fact that golden retrievers are high on the list of the best dogs ever!

By the way, have you seen a golden retriever? Did you see how it plays, hunts, and acts as a family and work dog simultaneously?

Tell us, what more do you want from a dog?

Perhaps you are still not sold that the gentle giants are the best of their kind. We have compiled three more reasons to convince you.

3 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs Ever

They Are Intelligent Dogs

Only a few dogs can trump a golden retriever in terms of intelligence. Though bred for hunting, these shiny furries are fast thinkers. And regardless of the event, their smartness always shines through.

The best part: golden retrievers’ inquisitiveness makes them learn even without your help. Wherever they find themselves, these gentle giants are eager to explore and learn.

Now, imagine what would happen when you dedicate your time to tap into the intelligence of your golden dog and train it! Just imagine how much fun you would derive!

Besides fun, the more time you spend with your golden furries, the more bond, and memories you share. If that doesn’t make the dog the best of its kind, what will?

They are on the list of best dogs to have for children as you can read in this other post I wrote.

Perhaps this next reason will convince you:

They Are Loyal Companions

Let’s move away from dogs; why do you call your “best friend” the best of all your pals? They have been with you through thick and thin, eh? They get you even when you are mute, eh?

Well, golden retrievers are like your best friend. They live for a long time, 10 – 13 years – if you keep them healthy. They are great listeners, and most importantly, they are loyal. And their loyalty is almost to a fault. How so?

Unlike your best friend, if a golden retriever hasn’t seen you, its owner, it will grow tense. No jokes; the gentle giant would stay awake like your wife until you get back from your travels or outings.

And say you took the golden dog with you to an uncomfortable environment; it doesn’t care. As long as it’s beside you, this loyal companion is happy.

What’s more, golden retrievers are obedient too. They are already great listeners that are loyal to you. For that reason, the gentle giant obeys your instructions in the last letter.

They Are Not Noise Makers

Remember that we say golden retrievers are peerless. That is because other dogs can be loyal and intelligent too, but they are rarely quiet.

Unlike the noisemakers, golden retrievers are gentle and rarely bark. They won’t form nuisances and disturb public peace to show their loyalty to you.

So, does that mean golden retrievers don’t bark?

No! The golden furries bark, but only to notify you of a stranger’s presence. And even then, the bark is almost like a low growl. Put simply, you have a peaceful, lovable, and friendly pet that hates noise just as much as you. While he or she is sleeping in their comfortable dog bed at night she might bark when they hear something.

Another thing similar to barking is what complements it: biting. Fortunately, golden retrievers don’t do that. If at all there are cases of a bite, those would be insignificant.

So, what do you think? Still, think golden retrievers are not the best dogs?

We doubt that. And if you’re not yet convinced, you only have to get a golden retriever and confirm what we explained. I hope you do as so many happy dog owners did that enjoy having these dogs.

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