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dog sleeping on an elevated dog bed

A dog is commonly referred to as a man’s best friend. Their loyalty, energy, and companionship bring happiness to those around them. For this reason, dog owners strive to return the favor by providing them with the best possible living conditions.

Ultimately, this involves the sleeping and resting place for their canine friends.  An elevated bed is a wonderful option compared to the traditional nesting area on the floor. It gives dogs an extremely comfortable place to rest while making life easier for owners.

In my quest in trying to find the best dog beds found elevated beds to be very good. Especially for older dogs.

Additional essential benefits of an elevated dog bed are important to keep in mind and include:

  • Regulates body temperature – A dog’s temperature is important and can be impacted by where they rest. An elevated dog bed allows air to circulate under the sleeping area because it is off the floor. This invariably helps to regulate their temperature thus keeping them cool and comfortable.
  • Provides orthopedic support – A raised bed provides orthopedic support that is secure and evenly dispersed. This relieves pressure and benefits the joints and muscles. The results impact mobility and are helpful to all canines especially those with arthritic conditions. It helps to protect a dog now and in years to come.
  • Improves quality of sleep – Sleep influences a dog both physically and mentally. From a health perspective, it is essential that they get the appropriate amount of rest. An elevated dog bed provides the support and comfort necessary to sleep well and stay healthy.
  • Reduction of allergies – Simply put, elevated dog beds reduce allergies for both humans and canines. This has a lot to do with the fact that they are easy to maintain.  Less dog hair and pet dander results in better air quality for all those sharing the space. Moreover, it helps to reduce concerns associated with fleas and dermatitis.
  • Extremely easy to clean – An elevated dog bed is simple and easy to clean. The portable structure allows for thorough cleaning underneath and around the sleeping area. It requires little effort to move and adjust. Wiping up dirt, drool and dog hair becomes less cumbersome leaving the space sanitized and smelling fresh. Likewise, the fabric is comfortable and easy to maintain leaving the entire area more appealing.
  • Flexible and tightly drawn construction – Raised beds do not rely on traditional stuffing.  Rather, they are designed with a taut fabric designed to enhance comfort and support. This feature also makes it safer for dogs. It is known that dogs like to chew and play with things including their beds. The lack of stuffing reduces the risk of gastrointestinal complications including choking which can be fatal. Overall, the construction of an elevated dog bed makes it a valuable asset to all involved.   

Whether it is one of the elevated dog beds with stairs I wrote about or a standard model with legs, elevated beds deliver distinct benefits to both canine and owner.

An elevated dog bed provides the best possible sleeping environment for your canine friend. They are safe, simple to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing. Make life healthier, more comfortable, and enjoyable with an elevated dog bed.

One of the other benefits is that it is easier to clean under the dog bed. No more moving around to keep the floor clean.

If you are willing to spend a little time and order the materials it is fairly easy to DIY your own elevated dog bed. Just have a look at the video I found and all the tips in there.

Charles Withrow

Charles Withrow is a pet lover and spent most of his free time at the local animal shelter and working for the human society. Through this work, he knows how important it is to have the right products for your pets. He shares his experience here on the Pet Bed Finder website.
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