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petfusion ultimate dog bed reviews

The main reason I did the Petfusion Ultimate dog bed reviews is that many people are looking for it and it is a dog bed that many people try to find information about. So I thought to gather it all here on the Pet Bed Finder website.

I have to start with the fact that the PetFushion Ultimate is not cheap but that the used materials are of top quality and when a cheaper brand might be replaced already the PetFushion Ultimate will still be good.

I have found just on Amazon 0ver 14.500 ratings with an average of 4.7 stars. I found data the only 1 in every 20 buyers leaves a rating (1). That means that at least 290.000 people must have bought one of these dog beds.

PetFusion Ultimate Materials

Before looking at anything else let’s first have a look at what this dog bed is made of and if the used materials justify the on average higher price.

The bed is built with the following materials:

  • 2.5 to 6-inch Certi Pur US memory foam
  • 65% Polyester
  • 35% Cotton
  • Recycled green support bolster

I was wondering what the recycles support bolster and Certi Pur Us memory foam was and found these answers.

Certi Pur US Memory Foam (1) is made for mattresses and mattress toppers and now thus also for dog beds. It is made without chemicals, formaldehyde. led and other heavy metals.

The Bolster on a dog bed is basically the raised edge that in many cases will make the dog feel more secure. So in this case it is made of recycled green material. Always better for the environment.

The Waterproof Liner that covers the dog bed is a waterproof and tear-resistant liner and is attached with a zipper. There are replacement covers available.

The bottom is non-skid.

PetFusion Ultimate Sizes


Small in this case is 25 x 20 inches. The bottom in the small model is 2.5 inches because of the lesser weight of smaller dogs. This also makes it suitable for cats.

petfusion small
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This model measures 36 x 28 inches and the bottom is 4 inches thick. This bed is a nice size for dogs the size of Golden retrievers and labradors.

petfusion large
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Extra Large (XL)

The extra-large model is 44 x 34 inches and the foam bottom is 4 inches thick.

petfusion x-large
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Extra – Extra Large (XXL)

Extra-Extra-Large as the name already gives away is big. It measures 50 x 40 inches. The foam bottom is 6 inches thick.

petfusion xx-large
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Zippered Cover

I like the idea that the cover can be zipped off for easy cleaning. It is fully machine washable and

PetFusion Ultimate Colors

It is always nice to have the option to pick a color that will fit the interior of your house. I think that compared to other dog beds I reviewed the PetFusion is a little limited with only 3 colors. They are:

  • Chocolate brown
  • Sandstone
  • Slate Grey

The prices of the PetFusion start for the small model is around $69 and will go up with the larger models.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed Reviews- My Opinion

After reading through a lot of the customer ratings and trying to find all the pros and cons my conclusion is that the PetFusion Ultimate dog bed is a good buy.

The price is a little higher but the quality makes up for that in my opinion.

The cover that can be zipped off and washed got some very positive reactions. It would be better although if it would also cover the bolster. Now you have to clean that with a wet cloth and let it air-dry.

I also read that some people wished it had a medium size. Now it goes from small straight to large.

Overall the PetFusion company is very responsive when it comes to complaints and will do anything to solve the problem.

Charles Withrow

Charles Withrow is a pet lover and spent most of his free time at the local animal shelter and working for the human society. Through this work, he knows how important it is to have the right products for your pets. He shares his experience here on the Pet Bed Finder website.
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