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how to choose a cat bed

Cats love coziness. How do you get comfortable when it is time to sleep? You jump in your bed. So, why is it that your feline friend doesn’t have a bed of its own?

With the tips here you will be able to find a perfect bed for your cat.

Cats sleep most of the day, so they need a relaxed place to rest their heads and bodies. The other value of cat beds is that cats like security. They like to have their freedom, where they know they are safe and will be left undisturbed.

Before you choose just any bed for your cat, you may need to do a little surveillance of your pet.

Not all cats will have an interest in all bed styles. First, you need to know if your cat is a ground cat or a climber? Some cats are comfortable, kicking back on the ground. For them, the best cat bed may do the magic.

Other cats feel more safe and comfortable if they are off the ground and can look down at the world. For these kittens, you should look for one of the diverse perching cat beds.

If you have small children or other pets in the house, you may want to stick with the more extensive beds to give the cat somewhere it won’t get aggravated easily.

Next, ensure the bed fits the cat. Cats come in unpredictable sizes, and so make cat beds. If you have a large cat, make sure you hunt for the best cat bed for larger cats instead of making him feel scrunched up to fit. He likely will skip the bedstead altogether and look for something a little more comfortable, like your furniture or bed.

Likewise, cats like to feel like they are in a hiding spot, so you don’t want to give them a mattress that is so large they get lost in it.

It would be best if you had washable cat beds and a cat shed when they get sick. You don’t want your cat to keep relaxing in a bed with grime, germs, and dirt in it. They may get sick again.

If you pick a cat bed with a washable cover or entirely washable, you can toss it in the machine and give your pet a clean space to relax. If you notice your cat is no longer sleeping in its bed, it may be because it needs washing. Cats are clean pets and like their space to be clean as well.

After you bring cat beds home, lay them near the other cat toys. Your cat will acknowledge the convenience. With cat beds near their itching posts, food and water bowls, and litter boxes, they will understand this whole area is their private space.

Finally, if you have more than one cat, don’t expect them to all share one cat bed, even if it is a big one. Cats like to have their zone. If you are making them share that territory, you are going against their nature, and you will end up buying one bed for one cat and finding somewhere else for the others to sleep.

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