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hot dog bun dog beds

What is cuter than seeing your dog cuddle up in one of these hot dog bun dog beds. Just realize that they are made for small dogs and don’t expect larger dogs to fit in them.

Smaller dogs are in general also not that rough and that means that you can last a long time.

Hot Dog Bun Dog Bed 2 Colors

This hot dog bed is small with its measurements of 23.2 x 19.7 c 9 inches. It is made of supersoft material and had a zipper to remove the velours cover.

It comes in sizes small and large and large means 28.3 x 24.4 x 9 inches still not much large but maybe a better fit for your dog?

2 colors hod dog bun dog bed

3 Colors Hot Dog Bun Dog Bed

I was not able to find the exact measurement of this dog bed in the shape of a hot dog at first but later I found it is 63 x 47 x 21 Centimeters. I inches that are 24 x 18.5 x 8 inches. Slightly smaller than the one I mentioned above.

3 colored hot dog bun dog bed

Hot Dog Bun Bed Dogs – My Opinion

I had a good look around to find these types of dog beds. The overall quality I found does not get really high ratings but is also not too bad.

So, don’t expect them to hold up for years to come but that is for most dog beds in the lower price range I think unless you spent a lot of money.

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