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drying a pet's hair the right way

Pets and in particular dogs get wet and dirty that is just a given fact. That means that you have to dry them or deal with a dirty house. You can use an old towel of course but there are better ways to make sure that they do not get your house dirty or get in their dog bed wet and dirty.

Drying a wet dog is something that you need to do with a special dryer and not the same one you use for your human hair.

I have heard horror stories that people use a human hair dryer to dry the fur of their dog when they came home from a walk and the dog was wet. A human dryer is too hot to use on the fur of an animal. If you ever visit a dog grooming salon you can see that they do not use these types of dryers.

For some types of dogs with sensitive ears using a human dryer can even cause their ears to get burned.

Pet Hair Dryers

What is the difference between a human hairdryer and a pet hair dryer you might ask now?

The main difference is that a pet dryer does not have a heating element to heat up the air. The only heat it gets comes from the motor itself and that is just very little.

A pet hair dryer forces that water out of the fur by using a strong airflow that pushes the water out of between the hair of your pet.

Advantages of Pet Hair Dryers.

I have been reading up a little about the advantages and disadvantages of these special dryers for pets.

The advantages are that most of them have different settings for airspeed. Many of them can be set from 25 meters per second to 50 meters per second. This means you can adjust it when their fur gets dryer and there is not so much water anymore in their fur.

One of the other pros is the lower noise level Many pets do not like the loud noise of human dryers in the first place and the special pet dryers are most of the time very low in noise. Some of them come with a long hose so you can leave the main part further away from your pet.

If you are interested in purchasing a pet hair dryer I have found some popular models on Amazon in several price ranges. Click here to see them on Amazon.

Still Like To Use A Regular Hair Dryer?

Although not advised I can see that you do not want to spend money on a separate pet hairdryer so if you decide to use your own hairdryer here are some tips to do that in a safe way.

  • Keep the nozzle a few inches away from your pet
  • Keep the nozzle moving constantly
  • Use the lowest setting
  • Never point the airflow to their eyes

I hope my short write-up here helped you decide if or when you should use a human hairdryer or should switch to a pet hairdryer.

Charles Withrow

Charles Withrow is a pet lover and spent most of his free time at the local animal shelter and working for the human society. Through this work, he knows how important it is to have the right products for your pets. He shares his experience here on the Pet Bed Finder website.
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