Banana Cat Bed

Banana cat bed

When I first heard of a Banana cat bed I thought it was a joke. When I did some searching I found that they are real and actually very nice and it seems that most cats like them.

I have found a few that I think are the best ones after looking at the customer ratings.

If you like this one you can click on the image to see the affordable price on Amazon.

It comes in three sizes and they are:

  • Medium for cats within 6 lb
  • large for cats within 18 lb
  • X-Large for cats within 22 lb

These 3 options makes it possible to find the size for any cat.

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The second one I found looks like the one above and it wouldn’t surprise me if it actually is the same one from a different company.

This is one is just available in one size and I think it is medium.

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I read that many cats like the banana cat bed because they feel secure in them. The high walls makes me believe that this is true.

This banana cat bed is one of the ones to help you find the best cat beds that are available.

You still have to place it in a place that you cat likes.

Charles Withrow