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I should actually call this not the about us, but the about met page since I, Charles Withrow, am at this moment the only one who takes care of the Pet Bed finder website.

Charles Withrow

The reason I started the pet bed finder website was that I needed a bed for my dog that was getting a little older and found that the information and right products were hard to find and scattered all over the internet.

After hours of spending online to find the one that would be perfect for my dog and finally finding the perfect dog bed, I realized something.

Talking to others I found that many people had that problem and decided to share my journey and write about it. After that, I expanded the website with more and more products and tips on pet beds.

I enjoy doing research and through my job, I have a ton of experience finding all the pros and cons of a product. I hope my research can help you make a well-educated decision on what type of pet bed to buy.

I am an experienced product review writer and although I work with computers doing that I am fairly new to using a website for myself.

I still have a lot to learn about building out this website and I am sure I will make many mistakes and apologize for that in advance.

Being a huge animal lover and the fact that I had and have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, fish, rabbits, doves, geese, and even goats in my life gave me experience in taking care of animals.

My dog and my cat both have their designated area where their pet beds are and I strongly believe that giving them a place in the house where no one will disturb them is part of their well-being.

I live in Riverside California and enjoy every day here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Charles Withrow