How To Easily DIY An Elevated Dog Bed

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Let me show you how to easily DIY an elevated dog bed and let your dog sleep or rest off the cold or hot floor.

Most dogs like to sleep or nap off the floor and the easiest way to do this and help them sleep better is with one of these easy-to-make beds.

Especially if you have more than one dog it adds up buying new beds. With the ones I talk about here you can just replace the fabric if it wore out.

Supplies Needed

Fabric By The Yard

PVC Pipe 1 1/4 Inch


cordless drill

Hack Saw or PVC cutter

Tape measure

Rubber hammer

Step by Step Instructions

Follow these step by step for the best result

1. Cut PVC pipe to length

2. Put the top of the frame together

3. Use a rubber hammer to tighten

4. Insert leg parts

5. Place the frame on the floor to straighten it.

6. Place frame upside down on fabric

7. Fold the fabric corners

8. Screw fabric on one side of the frame.

9. Screw fabric on the opposite side of the frame.

10. Use the channel locks to tighten.

11. Do the same for the other side of the frame.

11. Place screws in the corners

Heres are some of the sizes you need depending on the size of your dog.

1 stick = a 10 foot piece of PVC (120 inches)
1 stick = 1 small bed with legs
1 stick = 1 large bed & no legs
1 stick = 20 legs, enough for 5 beds
5 sticks = 4 small beds & 1 large bed
6 sticks = 5 large beds
11 sticks = 4 small & 6 large beds

Small Bed
Cloth size 36” x 29”
1 10 ft stick or 112”
-2 pieces at 18.5 inches each
-2 pieces at 25.5 inches each
-4 pieces at 4 inches each (legs)

Final Dimensions 22" x 29"

Medium Bed
Cloth size 34.5" x 38.5"
1 10ft stick will make one complete bed including legs,
-2 at 24"
-2 at 28"
-4 pieces at 4 inches each (legs)

Final Dimension 27.5" x 31.5"

Large Bed
Cloth size 36” x 45” 144” needed
You will need 1-10 ft stick of PVC and an additional 20" to make one complete large bed
-2 pieces at 25.5 inches each
-2 pieces at 34.5 inches each
-4 pieces at 4 inches each (legs)

Final Dimensions 29" x 38"

There are many benefits of an elevated dog bed and the main one is that they sleep off the floor.

Charles Withrow