How To DIY An Outdoor Cat House For Winter

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Many cat lovers try to find how to DIY an outdoor cat house for wintertime. There are many ways of making them from very affordable to ones with thick insulation and made of expensive materials.

I tried to find some that were easy to make and still had enough insulation to keep our cats warm and happy during the colder nights or even on cooler days. I watched several videos and thought this one was very easy to do.

This project can be done easily with just a few items and even when you have limited time and are not the handiest person in the world as I am,

Supplies Needed

Heavy Duty Utility Knife

Large Plastic Tote


Foam cooler

Step by Step Instructions

Find a large plastic tote
Find a foam cooler that fits in it
Cut hole in the plastic tote with a utility knife
Place Foam cooler in the plastic tote
Cut the same hole in the foam cooler
Add straw

With these few steps and a few dollars, you can provide any outside cat a shelter for when it gets colder. You can find many other videos on how to make nicer ones and maybe with better materials. However, I believe that it is better to make a few cheap ones to help multiple cats than to make one expensive one that can only hold one cat.

If it is your cat that stays outside you can make it as fancy as you like.

Have fun doing this project and keep a cat warm in the colder season.

Charles Withrow