Best Dog Beds For Labradors

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best dog beds for labradors
In my search for the best dog beds for Labradors, I found that it is better not just to buy any random type or model.
The most comfortable position for almost any dog is to sleep on its side and since labs are pretty large dogs that means that you have to buy the right size.

Because of their active lifestyle, they need to have a good place to rest, and what is better than to give them their own private space to do that.
Labradors like to sleep with or close to their owners and that means that the bed should be easy to mow for when you decide to let your 4 legged friends to sleep in your bedroom.

When I started my search I set a few qualifications that I think the bed needed to fit into.

  • That was the size, since a dog needs room to sleep.

  • The quality that I determined by the ratings that buyers gave it.

  • The overall price-quality comparison.

Other things I looked at were how many people bought the particular bed and if there were any comments that came back and that I needed to take into consideration.
I read that for an average size Labrador a bed that is 36 inches is the best size so I started with this as criteria.

Solid Memory Foam WaterProof Labrador Bed
Solid Memory Foam WaterProof Labrador Bed

With its 4 inches thick memory foam this bed will be great to sleep in for your labrador.
The size that is advised for labs is a minimum of 36 inches and this one is 36 x 28 inches,

The material that is used it Polyester and Cotton. The used memory foam is perfect for support and is known to help with joint pain.
What I like is that the material contains no such things as mercury, formaldehyde, or other bad chemicals.
This will improve the indoor air quality for you and your dog.

I found over 14.000 ratings and the average of all of these was 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Large Dog Bed With Washable Cover for Lab
Large Dog Bed With Washable Cover for Lab

A little less high with its 3 inches this bed comes with an egg crate foam that supports the weight evenly.
The Sherpa Plush at the top that I have found in several other beds seems to be a very good option for dog beds.
One of the advantages of this bed is the non-skid bottom that stops it from sliding over the floor.

For cleaning the cover can be removed by using the zipper and is machine washable. One tip: you can not wash the egg crate foam.

The size is 36 x 27 x 3 inches but it is also available in smaller and larger sizes

I found over 21.000 ratings and the average was 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Machine Washable Bed For Labradors
Machine Washable Bed For Labradors

This one looks very comfortable and is an affordable dog bed for your labrador.
It does not come with many special features for me to highlight.

The material is plush, cotton and Suede.

This bed can be machine washed as a whole and dried in the dryer. You have to give about 2 days after that to get back in its original fluffy state.
There are 5 colors available and that means that there is always one that will fit your decorum.

Although I found over 11.000 ratings the average was a little low with 4 out of 5 stars. The main complaint I found was that 12% of the buyers mentioned that the edges are flimsy and do not support the dog very well.

Breathable Rectangle Dog Bed For Lab
Breathable Rectangle Dog Bed For Lab

This dog bed is very well made and comes with a 9 inches thick bottom. This is the thickest I have found so far.
This should give your Labrador a lot of support.
It is made of imitation linen and this makes it breathable and will probably keep your dog cool also.
The inner filling is probably cotton and the part where the dog sleeps on is made of plush.

The size is 34 x 25 x 9 inches and if you have a larger dog or think your dog needs more space it is better to have a look at the other models here on this page since this is the largest model they offer.
There are, however, smaller sizes available.

This one is also machine washable ON COLD ONLY and dried in the dryer and needs about 2 days to come back in the soft state it was.
I found only 580 ratings and the average was 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Washable Bed for labradors
Washable Bed for labradors

This labrador dog bed has an 8 inches thick bottom and that surprised me for the price.
The size is 36 x 24 x 8 inches and that is the advised size for a lab I found.

This is the largest size available for this model. There are smaller sizes available that might be better for a Labrador puppy.
The only color it comes in is grey.

This dog bed is washable and again only on COLD. However, do not dry it on dry on hot is the warning I read.

I found over 130 ratings and the average was 4.6 out of 5 stars. Pretty good rating in my opinion.