Luxury Lounger And Dog Bed Mattress

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Luxury Lounger And Dog Bed Mattress

The first time I saw this luxury lounger and dog bed mattress I compared it to my lounger and could see that dogs would love to lay on this to sleep or nap.
The way it is contoured will makes it very comfortable to use.

I like the fact that it is available in 12 colors to help you match the colors on your house. The colors are clay, espresso, gray, blue, camel, Minky espresso, milky gray, spruce blue, chocolate, cream, plush gray, and white.

Just like many other beds, it is available in many sizes to help you find the one for your dog's size to make sure he or she is comfortable in it.
The available sizes are small, medium, large, giant, jumbo, and jumbo plus

You can also choose on what type of foam you would like to have in it.
You can order just the contour bed, the cover only, orthopedic foam, cooling gel, memory foam, or the waterproof liner.

Charles Withrow